My case against Leverton – the strike out of my claim

It has come as no surprise that my case has been struck out for “lack of evidence”. I supplied plenty of evidence to the courts and could have provided much more, if the police had released the bodycam footage of my arrest, which they refused to do.

I warned Olivia Pinkney, Chief Constable of Hampshire Constabulary, that I would not let this go and that I would get justice. The amount of damage that Leverton and the IOW police have done is immeasurable and I will never be the same again. I will get a bit better if I get justice, the justice that I deserve and have for many years.

Here is the email to the courts and, for good measure, I copied in Olivia Pinkney and Colin Brazier of GB News.

Claim number 239MC050 – Hender (claimant) versus Leverton (defendant)

This message was sent with High importance.


David Hender

Mon 28/02/2022 16:07


  •  fiona.gormanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  •  Olivia Pinkney (Chief Constable – Hampshire Constabulary)


  •  Colin Brazier (GB News)

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Referring to the General Form Of Judgement Or Order, dated 23 February 2022, I hereby apply to have the order set aside.

The judgement did not give any reply email address and I was given the link to the find the appropriate court but I could only find the crown court email address (please see attached). I have therefore found an email address for the court, as well as the business email address for Deputy District Judge Fiona Gorman. I have no choice but to send it to this address as well.

Despite the evidence being placed in front of her, she still saw fit to strike out the claim against Leverton, a police staff officer. Furthermore, she knows all too well that Leverton was moved from Isle of Wight police to a Southampton police station and, if that is not an acceptance of his guilt by the actions of Olivia Pinkney, Chief Constable of Hampshire and Isle of Wight police, then I do not know what is. Indeed, there was a clear attempt to move the case to a court that was friendly to Hampshire police by moving it twice in close succession to different courts on my refusal to attend, due to gross bias.

Fiona Gorman well knows that I was refused the most important evidence of all, the body cam footage of the arresting officers that would have proved that not only was my arrest illegal but the arrest, organised through Leverton, was baseless. If the police had nothing to hide, the bodycam footage would have been released to me, without games being played to first say that it did not exist, then saying it did but I could not have it and then saying I could have it but I had to apply for it. Despite having to go through multiple hoops to acquire the footage, it still did not arrive, as the police had no intention of sending it.

If it had been a genuine case and a genuine arrest, Leverton would not have asked me to attend a voluntary interview first and would have just come to my house and arrested me, despite the actual and “hypothetical” arrests both being against the provisions of PACE, when referring to suspects with well documented mental health issues. It is quite clear that Leverton usurped all regulations of PACE that pertained to me, as it was acknowledged by Leverton, in our one and only phone call, two days before my arrest, that I suffered from severe agoraphobia, with the illegal arrest resulting in me becoming catatonic in the police van and having to be carried out of the police van, as I could not move.

It is also clear that Fiona Gorman did not want a hearing to take place, because Leverton would have had to offer evidence under oath and that due to his sworn testimony, he would perjure himself, an action that would have resulted in his immediate dismissal for gross misconduct. That alone would have resulted in my claim being successful, which would have triggered a significant payment for compensation against Hampshire and IOW police, which is one of the main reasons for the striking out of my claim.

Furthermore, the arresting officers and the duty officer would have also perjured themselves by the arresting officers denying that the reason for my arrest was “for defamation and failure to attend a VOI (Voluntary interview) and, in relation to the duty officer, for denying that she authorised my incarceration, based on those two so called charges, one a civil matter and one not a crime at all. 

It is also noticeable that the arresting officers quoted “defamation” as one of the reasons for my arrest, rather than “libel”, the correct terminology, pertaining to my trumped up case. Clearly, not only did the arresting officers not know their criminal law, not know the contents of PACE (on how to handle suspects with mental issues) but they had absolutely no knowledge of basic civil law either. I say arresting officers, as they were standing next to each other when they forced their way into my house and one saw the other physically pulling me away from the kitchen sink.

I believe that Leverton is a mason and, as such, has connections with my father, brother and associates, who are all masons and it is for this reason that he was “called to do a favour”, as failed attempts had already been made before to falsely accuse me of the sexual abuse and ABH of my daughter (April 2016), later determined to have been incited by my father, with my daughter being paid money, and the attempted bribery by my father for me to leave the country for £250,000 (7th June 2018). This is fully documented and is on the police computer, as well as the allegations of my economic abuse by the family trust that commenced in 2017 and continues to this day. I retain every single email, securely in the cloud.

I would dearly love to access the footage on my CCTV system, which is primarily based in the kitchen, where I was arrested but I do not have the technical knowhow

Therefore, Leverton, the two arresting officers and the duty sergeant would all have been dismissed for gross misconduct, as they would have all perjured themselves.

These are the real reasons why Deputy District Judge Fiona Gorman did not want the case to go ahead and made an erroneous judgement without a hearing taking place.

There is one more matter and it is really painful.

The false accusations of sexual abuse against me in 2016 triggered the slow release of deep-seated memories of my own sexual abuse, carried out by my father when I was a very young boy.

By the 21st March 2020, I had reacquired enough memory and had sought enough bravery to decide that in order to mitigate my pain, I had no other course but to report my father for my sexual abuse.

I had only one point of contact, Leverton, who I could email as I do not use the phone, due to my severe agoraphobia caused by my treatment of the police, since I arrived on the island in late 2015, and especially due to his betrayal phone call, I no longer use the phone except in absolute emergencies.

Leverton did not investigate this but sent it up to the met, where it was buried by Detective Sergeant Jim Hinchliffe and no action was taken against my father, not even an interview under caution at his home.

I have not got justice for what I endured and will suffer from this for the rest of my life, as well as the barrage of false claims and threats, which has significantly damaged my mental health.

If Deputy District Judge Fiona Gorman cannot see the pattern of what has happened to me, then she has no right to be a judge of any description.


Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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