The UN Security Council – Unanimity ensures that nothing gets done

The UN Security Council is a complete waste of time, waste of money and is a damp squib.

It was set up decades ago, to ensure World Peace, with the players being from all cultural and political boundaries.

The council can spout out as many speeches as they want but, if some of the players have other ideas, they can veto actions of the council from what they are doing. That makes the council totally pointless.

How many millions of pounds are being spent on this weak and ineffective council? I dread to think.

Of course, I have to concentrate on the current Ukrainian invasion by Russia but I look to the next step.

The security council called a meeting to vote against the actions of Russia. What a surprise, everyone except China voted for the resolution, China abstained and Russia applied their veto. What the “f” did the council think how Russia was going to vote?

Geopolitics has changed out of all comparison to when the council was set up and the council needs to radically change. The leader of the council can talk until he is blue in the face but it will not make a jot of difference; there was a time for diplomacy and speeches but, given Russia’s actions, it is clear that diplomacy will never work, it was never going to work.

There is no doubt that there is going to be huge pain in the West for many years to come. In fact, I do not think that it will be resolved before my last breath, which is not too far away now.

We must do a few things and now; no pussyfooting:

  1. Cancel Swift for Russia
  2. Freeze every single Russian bank’s assets
  3. Eject both Russia and China from the UN security council
  4. Freeze every single Russian oligarch’s assets and that includes Roman Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea, including every single Russian owner of football clubs
  5. Confiscate every single property that is linked to a Russian oligarch or a member of his family or a company controlled by them and SELL THEM

IT WILL CAUSE PAIN, ESPECIALLY FOR GERMANY but they chose to shut down their nuclear plants and rely on Russian gas. Merkel saw this coming and that is why she resigned/retired when she did, because she was behind the shut down of nuclear power for Germany. They will have to pay higher gas prices from the likes of the US, Norway and the UK but they have to take the pain too, just as all those in the UK will have to.

I feel that once Germany has got its ducks in a row, they should blow up Nordstream 1 and 2 and import their gas until their nuclear power stations can be recommissioned; this will take years but it was their decision in the first place to shut down their nuclear power sector.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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