Colin Brazier – The podcast

I am currently watching Colin Brazier’s first podcast for GB News and his interviewee is Calvin Robinson, a man that I greatly admire.

I have paused the podcast video, halfway through, because I wanted to ask some questions of myself, through the medium of this blog post.

Both Colin and Calvin are highly religious men, even from either side of the fence; I am not religious but am highly spiritual. I was brought up a Christian and whilst I do not practice religion, I highly respect Christian values and indeed, respect the beliefs of people from any religion. If they are to respect my beliefs, then I have to respects theirs, as it is common courtesy, with the exception of the weaponised Islamic faith that is practices by a few.

I went through the normal Christian upbringing, with my parents taking me to Sunday school, prayers in school assembly and, at public school morning service, every day, including weekends, in the school’s own stunningly beautiful chapel at Epsom College.

I remember, with pride, when the school song was sung, “Jerusalem”, which I learned off by heart over time. When that song was sung by the entire school, with an organ playing in the background, I felt a sense of immense pride and even insisted that on my first and third wedding, that it was played, even if the organist was not very good.

There is something quite special when you have a chapel full of young men, all wearing suits, collars, ties and shiny shoes, singing in unison. But I digress.

I do admire Colin Brazier, even though I have been highly critical of him and I starting asking myself a question. What if I was Calvin Robinson, sitting in front of Colin Brazier, acting as the “facilitator” of the conversation?

I would want the conversation to discuss my upbringing. going to university and then dropping out, going to work for a year in computers at my father’s firm, (a continuation from when I was 13), and then starting my climb to the top through my Chartered Accountancy studies, reaching the heady heights of Finance Director of a billion pound turnover company.

Then talking about the hard things; the collapse of my career following a complete nervous breakdown, as well as the reasons behind it, my entrance into the wilderness and then getting some of my pride back by starting an internet football boot company, initially for just children and then for men and women. Meeting my soon to be second wife, then discovering that she had brain cancer, the fight for more than a year and the eventual loss of Liesel to cancer at just 39. I call her my wife but we were never married, despite me pleading with her; she said that dying was not a reason to get married. Instead, she compromised on eternity rings but Liesel was my soulmate and always will be; I have never stopped loving her.

I remarried, as I had promised her but that marriage lasted only a year but was the most acrimonious divorce of them all, leading to near bankruptcy and me wanting to blow up the marital home, with me in it, because my principles imposed on me that she was not due anything, as she had not put a bean in and I had even paid off her pre marital debts.

That created the first big crack in me and I escaped to the Isle of Wight for sanctuary. That sanctuary was short lived as, on one Sunday morning, whist fiddling about in my workshop, I was arrested for the sexual abuse of my daughter, an allegation that was completely false and, as it later turned out, was initiated by my own father, who paid my daughter a lump of money to falsely claim that I had committed that heinous crime.

Thankfully, I proved my innocence but it had a bitter sweet end; I had lost my daughter, forever. But, worse was to come, much worse.

The whole incident of the false sexual abuse claim had triggered something that I had buried for years; it was the fact that my own father sexually abused me as a little boy. The memories got stronger and stronger and I am now left with the burden of having to deal with that too; I must be one of the most unluckiest men. Given the pain that I have suffered and still suffer, I wish I had died on the slab at 16, when they removed my brain cancer. That was in 1979 and, as far as medical advances go, that was the dark ages. Of course, once the memories had formed in my mind, I reported him to the police, to Leverton, who was my only contact but he did nothing and the investigation was buried.

Two years passed but on my birthday in 2018, I received a letter from my father, offering me £250,000 to leave the country and not come back. I refused, of course, but the police took no action against my father or indeed my daughter, two years earlier.

For my father to want to just get rid of me, just broke my heart, after all that I had done for him and my beloved mother, when she contracted Alzheimer’s, when I basically out my business on hold to look after them both as, due to the stress, my father had serious heart issues.

Then in 2020, I was called up by staff officer Joel Leverton to “come down for a chat”. I refused saying that my now serious agoraphobia prevented me from doing so. I later found out that this was a requested for a voluntary interview, which I could have refused, without any further consequence on me.

Two days later, I was dragged out of my house by two officers and arrested; I became catatonic and had to be carried out of the van the other end. The arresting officers cited defamation and failure to attend a voluntary interview, the first being a civil offence and the second not being a crime at all but the duty officer authorised my incarceration; it was a complete stitch up

Leverton was clever and got me to admit that I was so angry with what my daughter and her mother had done that I wanted to get them, even though what they had done was illegal in the first place but that did not matter, according to the police. I was charged with harassment.

Five days before my trial, I had enough and wanted to kill myself again. I put out a cry for help and eventually was told to go to a private psychiatric hospital. I wrote to the courts and told them that I was going to the mainland.

Whilst I was away, the courts decided that the trial was not a trial at all but held a trial later and a warrant was put out for my arrest but no one knew where I was.

My cousin then contacted me and said that she needed me to come up and be her carer, as she had a massive fall, although there were no injuries. Because we were close, I jumped in my car and drove up to Wales to care for her. But, it was a trap and she had been in on it all along. I was arrested by the Welsh police and had a hearing by video. I was remanded into prison for being a flight risk, where I was constantly on suicide watch, as I was now completely broken.

I had a lot of thinking time and I slowly pieced together the sequence of events. The light bulb moment came when I received a message from my cousin saying that she had miraculously got better, had walked her two big and powerful dogs but didnt want me to come back. She had packed my heavy bags into my very tall 4×4 and had driven it out onto the road.

I knew that my father, brother and their associates were masons and slowly put it all together. It had been a completely ruse from the start and Leverton was at the centre of it.

He had broken every single rule of PACE and, even though I had been refused the bodycam footage that would have proved the arrest illegal, deputy district judge Gorman has recently thrown out my claim against Leverton for “insufficient evidence”. However, because I had put so much pressure on the chief constable of Hampshire, Olivia Pinkney, he had been moved to Southampton and if that does not prove his guilt, nothing will. THIS IS NOT THE END OF IT

I would want to speak to Colin Brazier about all of that but it would be so very hard but I would be so determined to finally get the word out. Yes, I have blogged all of this a number of times but I really wanted to get it on television, in some form or other. Then the police would finally take notice.

However, it will not happen as I have begged, yes begged, Colin Brazier to raise the subject of male sexual abuse before and the masonic corruption in the police but he has refused to do so.

I asked him a question once. I asked him if both his son and one of his daughters had been sexually abused, who would you feel sorry for most? He never answered

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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