The Queen and Covid

We all now know that her majesty has Covid. One can assume that it is Omicron, as that is the dominant variant.

For most of us, if we contract Omicron, the symptoms will be likened to a bad cold or bad flu, but not for those who are highly vulnerable, like me.

However, the Queen is 95 and we all hope that she will regain full health, with every bone in our body.

But I have to speak hypothetically.

The Queen is 95 and although in good health, has had to deal with Harry and Andrew, as well as the loss of her soul mate, The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Phillip. Every family has bad apples and Prince Phillip was very old and sadly unwell and so you can call that a natural event that we all have to come to terms with.

But the issues with her son and grandson must have caused her great stress. Anyone would be seriously affected, let alone a 95 year old lady and would be weakened. Even though a “cause of nature”, the loss of The Prince Phillip, must have badly affected her. I was, with the loss of my wife and that was just a two year relationship before she succumbed to cancer.

What if the Queen succumbs to the virus? What then?

We all know that the monarchy will continue and we all know exactly where the virus came from; China and the Wuhan laboratory.

In effect, the Chinese government will have killed our Queen with the virus. To put it bluntly, they would have assassinated the Queen, even if that was not China’s intention.

When there was that release from the Wuhan laboratory, accidental or not, they shut down the country, but they still allowed foreign travel and that is how the original virus spread so quickly.

I need to talk briefly about the Wuhan laboratory, which was partly financed by the Chinese and partly by the US. It may seem strange that the US were involved but the reason that happened was that Dr Fauci, who was behind the testing, was not allowed to do the testing of these viruses in the US.

That is the reason why the US have been so quiet as to the origins of the virus; it has been a cover up. But we need to take it further, as you cannot take it in isolation.

So, to get back to the matter at hand, in this hopefully hypothetical situation, both the US and the Chinese would be guilty of killing the Queen.

In any other context from history, the killing of the head of state would be considered to be an act of war.

Are the Western Governments really going to brush under the carpet, the “hypothetical” demise of the Queen because of what the US and China produced?

The number of people who have died OF Covid is not 150,000; that is those who have died , WITH Covid.

The actual number of those who have died OF Covid is actually more like 10,000 in the UK. Don’t believe me? Do your own research.

For any government, even very tragic, the loss of 10,000 people is not a justification for going to war but what if it is the head of state?

May I recommend that you read “The origin of the Virus” by Dr Alina Chan and Matt Ridley. Easily found on Amazon

If I was in power, I would go after both China and the US, for massive compensation, as nothing will bring our beloved Queen back and we would not want further loss of life; China and the US have done more than enough.

The big question is this; has the UK government got the balls to do it?

And, there is another question.

What would the US do if the president succumbed to the virus?

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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