Operation Midland, Carl Beech and the false sex abuse allegations made by my daughter

In the wake of Andrew’s settlement with Virginia Guiffre, it has brought everything to the fore again, regarding the sexual abuse that I suffered at the hands of my father, many years ago.

If Leverton had taken me seriously, as he was my only point of contact at Newport police station, one would hope that this matter had been settled by now. (Remember that I am so damaged, I do not like using the phone and that is why I email all of the time)

I was blissfully unaware that I had been sexually abused, as I had buried it very deep, but then my father saw fit to pay money to my daughter to falsely accuse me of the most heinous of crimes, other than murder, that of sexual abuse of my daughter, as well as actual bodily harm. That was the trigger; it was like opening a dripping tap and ever so slowly, memories of those horrible events starting coming back and things started to make sense; the fact that when I was a child, I would keep myself to myself, watching television on my own in the dining room on the old TV, even if my parents were watching the same programme, the sheer lack of friends throughout my whole life and if that was not enough, the permanent damage that my father inflicted on me.


Why is Operation Midland and Carl Beech so relevant? In a nutshell, Carl Beech accused many high profile people of sexual abuse and in most cases, destroyed their lives. This followed the outrageous behaviour of Saville, when the police ignored all of the allegations of sexual abuse of children.

Typical of the police, with Operation Midland, they went from one extreme to another and believed every single accusation made by children. I am not saying that the allegations were not true but it gave the police a mindset of never believing anything the suspect said and this mindset has continued.

So, when my daughter accused me of sexual abuse and had a few scars on her wrist (from self harming), without any evidence, they just arrested me and tore my home apart. They violated it so much that it just became mere bricks and mortar. ( I have tried to move since the events of 2016 but the family and the family trust have blocked this every single time). I was treated like shit by the police. After I was thrown in a cell, it was my human right to let someone know that I was in police custody; the duty sergeant even gave me a pamphlet to highlight my rights.

But then an inspector came into my cell and said that my request for them to let my cousin know was rejected. He said and I paraphrase “your request to contact your cousin is rejected because she may destroy evidence” .

At the exact same time, there were a dozen police crawling over my house and my cousin was over 200 miles away in Wales. It was nothing to do with the loss of evidence; that inspector just wanted to isolate me and to frighten me. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?


I was then interviewed by DC Hollie Say 40254 and DC Glenn Parker 236. They tore into me, asking me question after question. My responses all came with the same answer “we don’t believe you”. My father came up in conversation and I said that he had Alzheimer’s (now believed to be a lie). Parker responded “how do you know?”. I lost my rag and forcefully said “because he told me“.

This is the damage that Operation Midland did; the police completely lost their objectivity. It was not an investigation; it was a WITCH HUNT. I am no celebrity and could not afford a fancy defence lawyer and so I had to defend myself. Over 4 months, I used my brain to prove to them that I was innocent. I kept a pad by my bed if a thought came to me. Eventually, I had a call from DC Say just saying that the case had been dropped. No “sorry for all that we put you through and for overturning your house”. Probably just as importantly, she did not say that “we are now going to investigate my daughter for making false accusations against you and for wasting police time (which is a crime by the way)”

I was pleased but also very angry, as I had not got justice. I basically badgered DC Say with email after email, pushing her to investigate my daughter. I finally got a letter from DS Parker (he had laughingly been promoted) saying that they were not going to respond anymore to my emails. In effect, I had been GAGGED by the police.

If that was not all damaging enough, I had lost my little girl, my world; I had nothing else. I was so heartbroken that even on the night of my release on bail, I was suicidal. If I had known then what I know now, with my own father paying my daughter to falsely accuse me, I would have killed myself, not a doubt in it. When I notified Leverton of this, HE DID NOTHING.

I have talked about the psychical damage that my father has done to me but the effects of the bullying tactics of the police have not been mentioned. You cannot see the mental damage that has been done to me, other than the fact that I rarely go out because of my agoraphobia but you can see the physical damage that has been caused, but only when my shirt is off.

Can you imagine the huge stress that I have been under? First, there was the false and illegal arrest for the sexual abuse of my daughter (it was not until I was interrogated that I first knew what I had been arrested for), with the police’s actions being based on “gold leaf thin” evidence and everything that went with it, then there was the bribery that my father undertook to force me to leave the country, which Leverton ignored and Surrey Police called a “business arrangement” (and refused to investigate) and then there was the so called harassment offence, with Leverton being front and centre, first saying that he accepted my agoraphobia and that he had to comply with PACE on that regard (as he wanted me to attend a VOI) and then, only two days later, initiating my arrest, where I was physically dragged out of the house by two so called police officers, going catatonic in the process and then charged with the failure to attend a VOI and for defamation, (the former not being a crime and the latter being a civil offence), being put through yet another interrogation and set up by Leverton in the process. That continued stress, over a 6 year period, has all put a great toll on me.

If all of that was not enough, my corrupt family have ordered the trust to financially abuse me and it has cost me a great deal of money; money that I simply cannot afford to lose. This has been going on since 2017

What did Leverton do when I detailed this all out? NOTHING

Stress can affect the body in a lot of ways. Not only has it made me even more agoraphobic and a nervous wreck, the stress triggered a skin disease called Prurigo Nodularis. I have posted out of focus pictures of the damage to my arms and legs but never my back, as you cannot photograph your own back. I have had someone in for a day or two, helping me out with the buggy and I asked him to take some photos of my back. I have never seen the damage done to my back, even if many doctors and my osteopath have, and I was shocked. I hope that you are not eating, as it is very unpleasant.

This is just a part of the visual damage that my father, my daughter, my father’s cronies, the police and the judiciary have done to me. It hurts day and night and I find it hard to sleep; my back is so sore right now that I may take my T shirt off again and cancel the day, working with my friend. I told him last night that I would be late this morning but the pain is such that I will not be able to work today, again.

Digital Camera
Digital Camera

This skin disease is UNTREATABLE and the pain can only be mitigated by CICLOSPORIN, which I am now taking.

Apart from the pain, the many lesions have had another effect. It has destroyed the skin pigment, which means that I cannot go out in the sun, as I start to get burned, not even in the weak UK sun, as was evident when I went to see my cousin in Wales shortly before I was arrested, as that was where I was going to stay for good but the TWENTY FIVE MILLION POUND family trust that is controlled by my father and brother, refused to loan me money so that I could buy a bungalow. That PLOY was actually planned by my family as there was little wrong with my cousin, although she said that she needed me to act as her full time carer. That was the only reason why I left that hotel, which was drug infested and which the police did nothing about. I had moved to that hotel because I could not afford the £6,500 weekly bill to stay at the psychiatric hospital, after wanting to commit suicide. THAT WAS WHY I WAS ON THE MAINLAND AND THE ISLE OF WIGHT COURTS KNEW THAT DAMN WELL; I have every single email.

  1. I have not received justice from the police
  2. I have not received justice for the sexual abuse that I received from my father
  3. I have not received justice for the actions done by my family

That is why I demand that Leverton and the others be removed from the police and why I am demanding sizeable compensation from the police and the person in charge; Olivia Pinkney, CHIEF CONSTABLE OF HAMPSHIRE AND ISLE OF WIGHT POLICE

Ms Pinkney, if you cannot see a pattern of abuse, you should resign immediately.


Quite frankly, due to the litany of abject failures that Hampshire and IOW police have committed, together with the gross police misconduct that your officers have committed, you should resign now and I will continue to push for this until you do your fucking job for once. If you think that I will give up exposing your ineptitude and that of your officers, you are sadly mistaken.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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