How can you put a price on things?

If you have something stolen, like a car, you can put a price on that, unless that car or whatever is stolen has sentimental value; then something is priceless.

But, how can you put a price on “intangible things”, like the loss of a leg, arm or your mental health? You cannot

How can you put a value on the loss of your daughter, even though she is still alive? She was and still is my world (you cannot break a biological and emotional connection that goes back to minutes after her birth), even if we do not see each other. You cannot

But Verity has never acknowledged that if I had not intervened in her birth that was going seriously wrong (the midwife failed to realise that she had her cord around her neck and was being deprived of oxygen), she would either be dead or have to be looked after for the rest of her life, as she would have serious brain damage. ALL of her experiences, good and bad, in the last 23 years would simply not have happened. I wanted no thanks; I was her Daddy but I certainly did not expect to be stabbed in the back. She knew what I had been through, with the loss of Liesel and my mother before and even though my father initiated it all, she did not have to take his money and should have simply said no.

Just writing that has upset me so much that my plans for the day have all gone out of the window

When I was proven to be innocent of sexually abusing my daughter, if Surrey Police had re-interviewed her and had even just given her a caution or a fine, then there could have been some way back for Verity and I but, because the police had no interest whatsoever in investigating her falsely accusing me AND for wasting police time, there is no chance for Verity and I, because the matter is still not closed after 6 years.

Even though it was a horrible episode, it only lasted 4 months, but what Hampshire Police have done to me, not only put the final nail in my coffin but has completely destroyed me and I have wanted to end my life so many times and did end up in a psychological hospital.

My mental and physical health is in complete tatters thanks to the illegal tricks played by Leverton, the IOW magistrates court, the corrupt judges and the actions of officers of the Hampshire Constabulary of which Olivia Pinkney is Chief Constable.

She must take full responsibility for the atrocious actions of her officers, Leverton included, that even went to the lengths of dragging me out of my house when I was agoraphobic, causing me to become mentally incapacitated and catatonic. Even then, they processed me as a healthy person when I was at the police station. Neither the officers nor Leverton cared a damn and they all broke every single rule in the police rule book, PACE or the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984, with regard to arresting someone with serious mental health issues (which Leverton acknowledged). Given that I could not think clearly, the statement that I gave in front of Leverton should be set aside, as should the judgement.

If I was guilty and mentally healthy, I would have taken my punishment but, because of the gross way that I was treated and the serious effects that it has all had on me, my moral compass kicked in and I pushed back.

The key evidence was that the video from the bodycams of the arresting police, who dragged me out of the house. I was told that

  1. It did not exist anymore,
  2. Then I was told it did exist but I could not have it,
  3. Then told I could have it but I had to apply for it, which I did.
  4. The police refused to release it, even if they hand out car and body cam footage to the media like confetti.


The entire police are corrupt and rife with masons and I am glad that Cressida Dick has gone. I will now push for Olivia Pinkney, who has been well aware of my case for a long time AND HAS BEEN THE DECISION MAKER, to be removed but the most important thing for me is to get justice and that comprises:

  1. Compensation to help me start a new life, which may be subject to a non disclosure agreement
  2. The removal of Leverton
  3. The removal of the arresting officers, who gave “failure to attend a voluntary interview and defamation” as justification for my arrest
  4. The removal of the duty officer, who authorised my incarceration, based on the spurious so called crimes.
  5. A letter of apology, confirming all of the above, from Olivia Pinkney personally and not from one of her lackies. This may be subject to the non disclosure agreement.

I do not mean transferred (Leverton has already been transferred once), as is the usual way for the police to “hide” blame but actually kicked out of the force for gross misconduct, with no benefits accruing to them whatsoever; no pension, nothing.

In addition, I want the following:

  1. The investigation into my sexual abuse by my father to be opened and for my father to be interviewed under caution. I will submit myself to a medical examination to prove what he did to me.
  2. The investigation into the financial abuse that I have suffered for years to be opened. (The key evidence is the loan agreement that I have with the family trust that is subject to English and Welsh law). All of those involved in the financial abuse are British citizens.

People MUST take responsibility for their own actions.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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