The myth that is Colin Brazier of GB News

Whether or not you liked Andrew Neil, who was the previous head honcho of GB News, he was always hard hitting and never ever pulled his punches.

No one will ever know what really went on but, even though he created GB News with a lot of backing, he was usurped by the management and replaced with Colin Brazier.

Colin Brazier is absolutely nothing like Andrew Neil. He keeps on going on about being a war correspondent and the rest but, I am afraid to say, he is a damp squib. He now needs a “supporting act” throughout his show, to spice it up a bit.

He just talks and talks, regurgitating events that have already been reported during the day by GB News. What he does not do, is to have hard hitting interviews with politicians and those in power. After all, Andrew Neil tore Sunak apart in the first week. Is Brazier really incapable of replicating that?

Brazier is highly unprofessional and I will tell you why.

I am very passionate for GB News to succeed and to try and balance the left wing television news media output that is simply a disgrace.

I have written to Colin Brazier many times, more times than I can even calculate, to suggest improvements and to point out where they have fallen very short. He has never ever responded to me and, as a supposed professional, he should have done that; not even a “thank you for your comments”.

I have even taken it further. Given that my family trust, on which I now have to solely rely, have unilaterally reduced my income and have breached a loan agreement that was subject to England and Wales laws, my income is meagre but I wrote to Colin Brazier, asking if I could invest my meagre savings in GB News. I have asked him, out of professional courtesy, to let me know either way. It is still early days, as I only asked him yesterday but I can more or less guarantee that I will never receive a reply from him. I will put myself in debt for something that I believe in.

He exhibits no professional courtesy whatsoever and, more than that, has been so spiteful that he has ensured that Karen Roberts, a highly professional news reader and presenter, no longer works at GB News, just because I said that I really liked her as a newsreader and as a person, even if I did not know her. That is simply churlish. No, I will go further, it is childish. The reason for his reaction? Because I showed him up and pointed out his failures.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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