Planning for the future

I have touched on the matter of forward planning. The Conservative government has now been in office for over 12 years.

It is all well and good having policies for this and that but they are mere sticking plasters. The energy issue could have been resolved when Cameron took office by planning for the future. He never did that and neither did May and neither has Johnson.

The way forward is nuclear to act as a complimentary source of energy for renewables and, in terms of nuclear, massive power stations are not the answer. The answer is flexible SMRs. As for the government going for nuclear. the attitude of the government to nuclear is pathetic. £215m for investing in SMRs will not do it and we have to compare that investment to the amount that the chancellor has written off with regard to Covid loans. The nuclear industry was not even invited to Cop26 and that REALLY shows the attitude of the government towards nuclear power.

For that reason and Johnson’s obsession towards wind power, Johnson should go because everyone, who has not lived under a rock, knows that Carrie Johnson is behind the PM’s obsession.

In my view, given the massive hike in fuel costs, that could have been avoided if we had forward planned, the renewable energy levy should be halted.

Why does no one point that out in the media and in the Commons?

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