Spitfire – a message to my family

You have corruptly gained millions of pounds, both personally and in the trust, all through tax evasion and avoidance; we both know that to be true.

What is the point of amassing millions of pounds and paying no tax? You will never donate money to charity in the way that I have; you are far too greedy for that as you just want to see a pile of cash.

Why not do something good with it for a change? Martin, you can assuage your guilt for taking bribery money (£1.25M) to keep you quiet because your and my father sexually abused one or both of your daughters. How could you even do that for money?

My father has committed tax evasion all of his life, made our Mum have a major nervous breakdown, because of our Dad’s bullying and abuse of her, putting her in hospital for many months, thus delaying both our births, has committed sexual abuse on my body when I was young, committed sexual abuse on another of his granddaughters, this time Verity and committing such heinous acts on me that have destroyed my life completely.

He has a great deal of guilt to carry and we will carry it long after his death. He needs to do something to assuage his guilt too.

There is a 1943 Spitfire for sale, totally complete, with 95% original parts and airworthy. It is on sale for £4.5M, peanuts to all of you.

Contact me for my details if you feel philanthropic

It can be kept on the mainland or at Sandown airport, close to me

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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