A response from Car Builder Solutions- to put things right

This is in relation to my posts that I published recently.

I have sent an email to CBS that is private between the two of us and will never be published and this is their reply

Firstly, thank you for your apology. 

Unfortunately, we are forced to ship some products via DPD rather than Royal Mail as they have strict regulations prohibiting us from doing so. A lot of the liquids we stock, including brake fluid, and the aerosol paints etc we sell cannot be sent via the postal service. 

We have attempted this before, and we have lost out because of it. Royal Mail will not return prohibited products to us, and simply destroy them. This means we have then lost out twice, as we lose the goods we have sent out, and we have to either resend the order to the customer by another means or have to refund the value of the order. 

After we read your criticism, we looked back at your order to see if there was anything we could have done differently. It was at this point we noticed the shipping service you had selected. 

We offer different DPD services, from a basic next day service for £6.99, to more expensive ‘Timed Deliveries’. 

When you selected your delivery method, you selected a specific AM delivery, which, as a premium service, is going to be a lot pricier. 

If this was not intentional, then in future double check exactly what you are asking for as all our prices are clearly displayed, or if you still have doubts, drop us and email as we are always happy to answer queries as you know. 

I consider their response totally fair and I consider this matter closed. I was wrong to accuse them of high carriage charges and I hope that they accept my apologies. I wish to carry on getting parts from them, as there is no other company that can provide this service.

Car Builder Solutions is a fantastic company and, for the self builder, such as me, is a great source of parts.

Thank you Neil and Matthew

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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