A letter to the masonically corrupt small claims court. They do not care a damn if I never get justice

I contend that the small claims court, the police, including the Met police, the courts and the judges are all corrupt, based on my personal experience.

Here is a letter to the courts, basically telling them what I really think of them

Claim number 239MC526 Hender versus Cameron and claim number 239MC059 Hender versus Leverton

This message was sent with High importance.

DH David Hender

Wed 19/01/2022 17:39


  •  Small Claims Court

The small claims court and the entire justice system, including the police, are rife with masonic corruption
I will write to you to discuss both claims, as they are both being stonewalled for the same reasons; that the courts that are dealing with these claims are totally corrupt, due to the masonic links with my family and its associates.
Let us start with the web of corruption that has darkened and ruined my life. No words, just a graphic showing the link between all parties. This has been published on my blog for days and has attracted hundreds of views, even though it was never sent to any of the parties involved

Hender versus Cameron

I received a notice saying that according to an unnamed court officer  “sitting” at the County Court Business Centre ( I thought that only judges and magistrates could “sit” at court), I did not file a Directions questionnaire. I was never asked to, as I have been attempting to initiate a county court judgement against Miss Cameron for failing to respond to the court within the time allowed. I even notified you of this at the time of my first attempt at seeking a county court judgement.

I have been prevented PURPOSELY, from doing this. I have attempted twice but to no avail, even though the court computer system said that I could

and the second attempt made 4 days ago, when I was reminded that I could apply for a county court judgement

I received a notice of counter claim 2 days ago, saying that I need to respond otherwise my claim will be struck out. I have read it carefully and it was not written by Lori Cameron but by a lawyer, presumably Ron Downhill. I know my cousin very well and she does not use that wording. In any case, she is a pathological liar, as fully evidence on my blog.

Hender versus Leverton (a mason)
This case is even more serious, as it was the start off a long battle that finished off my mental health, has made me suicidal and has made me so ill that I now find it hard to even get up in the morning. In the criminal vernacular, Leverton really “stitched me up” and broke every single rule that there is, with regard to dealing with mentally ill suspects and their possible arrest. He and the officers who arrested me broke every single rule in the book.

It is simply laughable that the mason and allegedly corrupt Deputy District Judge Davies said that there was “insufficient evidence” when I have been prevented from gaining access to the bodycam footage of the arresting officers, even though the police hand out such footage to broadcasters like confetti.
Not only that but the case has moved from court to court like a game of ping pong, all thanks to the mason and allegedly corrupt Judge Grant resulting in copious court notices, trying to confuse me in my poor mental state but I will not let Leverton get away scot free after all of the damage that he has caused to me. What Leverton and the judge have done to me has concentrated my mind.

Hampshire Police have already determined his guilt by moving him from Newport Police Station (Isle of Wight) to Southampton to “hide” him. If that is not proof of his guilt, I do not know what is.
I will not rest until this individual, Leverton, answers for the illegal actions that he has undertaken and has turned me into a shadow of my former self.

I have provided every single piece of evidence that I can muster but, and I will say this again, have been prevented from acquiring the most important piece of evidence, the police body cam footage that would result in not only me winning my claim but Leverton and the arresting officers being sacked for gross misconduct for such a brazen breach of the rules of PACE, the rule book to which they must adhere absolutely.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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