Karen Roberts

Very few will have heard of her, unless you used to watch GB News. She was an excellent news reader, teamed up with Poly Middlehurst.

I have always been passionate about GB News since it went on air last June and have heavily criticised it to make it better, not just for the sake of it. Critique is the only way that something or someone can improve. If no one says anything, one just carries on regardless.

I have posted criticisms on my blog and have also emailed Colin Brazier, who runs GB News, once that Andrew Neil was pushed out.

But, I made the mistake of saying how good Karen Roberts was.

I have been a thorn in the side of Colin Brazier for over a year and out of sheer childish spite, he has ensured that she has been pushed out.

Working for any company should be based on merit and she was as good as her colleague, Polly Middlehurst but sadly Colin Brazier, being like a petulant child, throwing his toys out of the pram, has ensured that she has gone or, at the very least, has had her work cut right down.

He knows, deep in his heart, that he has absolutely no creative ideas and that I would be a far better person to run GB News; maybe that is why he has never become a director of the company. Do the shareholders know his gross weaknesses and that I am shoring him up? I doubt it. I am no journalist but am very expert on detail, something that he is clearly not

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