I am being preventing from starting a county court judge against my cousin

You all know that due to the masonic and corrupt judge (one does not go without the other), I was put in prison on remand for being a flight risk. Please, I am not Miss Maxwell for goodness sake.

When my remand ended, I returned to my cousin to pick up my car, which she had told me, had been moved to the road, even though she was supposed to be a complete invalid and needed caring for. That was the original reason why I went to Wales. But of course, we now know that it was a complete set up.

When I arrived, the car was in a state and had a flat tyre; it had been vandalised by one of the welsh brats in the village. I am sure that the jungle drums said that I was a nasty man, even though I had gone up to Wales to care for my cousin. Even though my cousin contends that she is so very religious, she is a complete pathological liar, thinking of only herself, because my father owns her house and pays her a monthly allowance. Money talks as they say.

She even called the police when I rang the door bell to collect my keys (but later apologised by email although it was a very weak apology). The police took the standard line and considered that I was harassing her. They arranged recovery but because they said that it had to go into a police compound, the recovery agent refused to jump start the car, as the batteries were dead. This was on a very wet Friday afternoon.

So I had no choice but to book myself into a cheap hotel and I had to stay there until Monday morning, wearing only the clothes that I was wearing, all blood soaked.

When I got back to the island, I decided to sue her for the costs that I incurred that were directly as a result of her actions.

I did all of the paperwork online and my claim was accepted. She did not reply in a timely manner and missed the deadline. I was told by the system that I could apply for a county court judgement. I tried but the system said that I could not do it at the moment. I took a timed screen shot. I tried more times but the same result. I even tried again yesterday and got the same result.

A computer system so advanced as the small claims website, should be able to cope with a CCJ request. You can expect some downtime but not two failures, two months apart.

If you have read my previous post, you will have seen what I am up against; a complete web of corruption and masonic influence and it is clear that someone has done something to prevent me from requesting a CCJ.

There is my cousin, sitting comfortably in a house paid for by my father, getting money from my father monthly and she should pay for her actions.

But as she has shown undivided loyalty to my father, in helping to ruin me, the masonic machine has taken over and has ensured that she is protect from proper justice. Why not pay the costs that I demand. They are not unreasonable and they are genuine; she knows they are.

But the elephant in the room is my masonic father. He has and wants to destroy my life, no matter what it takes and no matter how irrational it is. He sees it as a contest, a winner and a loser. But, he has won everything and I have lost so much; my family, my daughter, my mental health, my physical health; in effect, my whole life, which is just an existence now.

When I called him recently and he spoke very lucidly, I said it was me; he went quiet. I asked him if he had anything to say to me but there was no reply. He cannot admit that he was a paedophile, he cannot admit that he tried to bribe me, he cannot admit that he bribed my daughter to accuse me of sexually abuse and he has not admitted that he has subjected me to continual financial abuse. He cannot admit to anything; HE WILL NOT SAY SORRY.


He told my cousin that I was imperfect and that can only mean that he sodomised me when I was a little boy. Certainly not the effects of the brain cancer operation, because that was no one’s fault.

So, he is blaming me for something that he undertook himself; it was “he” who has seriously damaged me. How fucking unjust is that? What is he thinking?

And all of the family, who are getting money and gifts, including my daughter, who was sexually abused by my father too and who demanded a new wardrobe and a new house as compensation, have backed him up against me. He has also abused one or both of my brother’s daughters but, like Verity, he took money to silence him, a great deal of money. I even wrote to my niece’s mother, Alison, who refused to even discuss the matter with me.

How can I fight against such immorality and corruption? Do I want to live in such a world? I cannot change the world but with my family so rife with corruption and a lack of a moral compass, how can I fight against them or even work with them?

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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