Prince Andrew and my father

People, who read my blog, will know that since my mother died, my father has done everything to destroy me; I consider that word “destroy” to be pretty much what he has done to me.

But as my father has destroyed my family, Andrew destroyed the Royal Family or has tried to, through his sheer arrogance and sense of entitlement. By sense of entitlement, I mean that due his immense wealth and the fact that as a mason, he could get fellow masons to do his bidding, he feels that he can do whatever he likes. Like Andrew, my father feels that he is above the law. I have proven that as no police officer has ever interviewed him for my historical sexual abuse, using my daughter to falsely accuse me of sexual abuse, his bribery attempt of me to leave the country, which the police described as a “business arrangement”, the financial abuse that continues to this very day and the trumped up charge of harassment, using Leverton as a pawn to set me up, with me ending up in prison, being on suicide watch; the police are doing everything in their power to get my case against Leverton struck off, by using the masonic connections with Deputy District Judge Davies of Bristol Court, who is clearly also a mason to denigrate my case against Leverton, who has left the Isle of Wight to work at Southampton Police.

So, my family now consists of two parts; the rich and powerful patriarch, William Thomas Hender, with my masonic brother, (Martin William Hender), my dishonest cousin, (Lori Cameron), my only daughter, with her mother, all scheming with my father for money and me being pushed further and further out “in the cold”.

It is the reverse for Andrew who, due to his behaviour and those he interacted with, is the black sheep, with the rest of his family having strong characters and wanting to do just good. I am very much like the Royal Family and Andrew is like my entire family, a flock of black sheep.

The Royal Family has thankfully taken drastic action, to save their family. If my family wants to save my family, then they have to take drastic action too. Given that my father is behind absolutely everything, the rest of the family have a distinct choice. They all know too well what my father has done to me and that it is grossly unjust. They also know that my father sexually abused me.

The rest of the family need to consider this. My 91 year old father will be dead soon (I don’t wish him ill, he is my father after all, despite what he has done to me); that is inevitable and is a function of nature. Does my daughter want to live her entire life without her father and does she want to miss her Daddy not playing with her children? Does my brother, who has no financial prowess, (he will be the first to admit that), want to try and run his and the family businesses, with people who he does not trust and have their own agenda and will not have his children’s uncle not having a good time with them (given their age, they could come to my 60th if it ever happens)?

The rest of my family and especially my daughter are losing so much, but I will never take my cousin to my bosom again, as she has betrayed me the most, beyond all else save for my father.

When there is a cancer that is destroying everything else, a surgeon will remove that cancer to save the rest of the body; my father is that cancer and he has to be “removed”. All of the family have to do jointly is to just say “no” to my father, although my father will try and divide them to conquer them all.

The choice is theirs.

The other cancer in the family is Verity’s mother; I am sure that Verity will bulk at that.

When Verity spent a lot of time with Liesel and I, she loved her cuddles and we loved her dearly but after Liesel died, which I am sure that her mother was very pleased about (she never said sorry for your loss to me, ever), Verity started to drift further and further apart from me, to the extent that when I wanted to give Verity a hug, when I first saw her, she pushed away or froze.

When I first met Verity’s grand mother, Florence, she acted as I was knifing her when I tried to hug her. There is no warmth in the family but when she was with us and Nanny Hender, she was always hugging and cuddling.

It will be hard for her, but Verity has to understand that if she wants to be part of a loving and warm family, she must change and reject the influence that her mother has imprinted on her.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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