Boris Johnson and the Queen

What happened the day before the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral was simply disgraceful and it is clear that all those at Number 10 considered that they were entitled to do whatever they liked, despite the rest of the population being locked down.

THAT entitlement has come from the arrogance of Boris Johnson, who is a liar, a cheat and has absolutely no moral compass whatsoever.

Her Majesty, the Queen, must be very saddened by what her Prime Minister has let happen. It is her right to remove him as Prime Minister, as he is clearly unfit to continue to act as the head of the country. How many more times does he need to apologise, although he has never said sorry.

The Queen should give him a distinct choice; either to tender his resignation or she will remove him.

As for Andrew’s intransigence, I feel that Johnson is so arrogant, her Majesty will have to have him forcibly removed.

It makes no difference if the back benchers think they do not know of a good replacement; when a prime minister continually lies, breaks rules and breaks election promises, he must go

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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