The entire police and the entire judiciary are corrupt, allegedly

This is the long running case that started when Leverton phoned me to ask me to “pop down” to Newport Police station for an interview.

I said that as I was agoraphobic, I could not do that and, under PACE, he had to take into account my mental health. He said “he would get back to me”.

Two days later, I had two officers at my kitchen door, saying that I was under arrest. One of the officers forced his way into my house.

I told them that I was agoraphobic and could not come with them. Getting anxious, I went over to the sink and held out for grim death. One of the officers than pulled me away from the sink and I went catatonic. This was not right. I was taken to the van and shoved in, at which time, I curled on the floor in a foetal position. At the station, I then was told to get out out of the van. I could not move and so the police dragged me out of the van onto the floor. I was told to get up but could not move to I was carried into the police station and stuck in front of a woman who jabbered away and then I was put in a cell. I curled up on the bed to protect myself.

I was finally taken to a room where Leverton turned up. I have no concept of time as I cannot wear a watch due to my skin condition. It would have been taken off of me anyway.

I refused a duty solicitor as I had nothing to hide and they are totally inept anyway. Leverton then laid into me and this went on for goodness how long. They take the watch off you so that you are disorientated as much as possible but I did not have one anyway.

After the interview, I was taken to my cell, where I curled up on the so called bed as tightly as I could.

After goodness knows how many hours, I was told that I was to be released but was given a notice to say that I was “guilty” of harassment of my daughter and my ex wife.

Just before the trial on 4th June, I had a total breakdown, wanted to kill myself but had the foresight of emailing someone to cry out for help.

To cut a long story short, I spoke to many people and finally my so called GP who said that I needed help; what a fucking surprise. He said that there was a very long waiting list for mental health care so had no choice but to book myself into a private mental hospital.

I wrote to the court and told them that I was going into hospital but had no reply. On 4 June, I had to go through the horrible event of travelling from my security blanket/house to the ferry and then onto the hospital. When I arrived, I immediately felt safe, as no one could get at me.

The cost was £6,500 per week and I asked the trust on which I rely for financial help; they flatly refused so I had no choice but to leave after three weeks. As it was Covid, I had only one option, to book myself into a Travelodge, which as it turned out was a fucking drug den but as long as the hotel was being paid by the various councils, they did not care a fuck.

I then got a message from my cousin to say that she had been badly hurt and needed my help. He were close so I made plans to leave and be her full time carer; she was overjoyed.

When I arrived, I took over, ordered food and cooked and cleaned for her. She was “hobbling” around using a stick. One of the first things that I did was to register at the doctors as I needed medication, as I need that constantly to keep me going.

Two or three days later, I went to the door to find two police officers; they arrested me immediately and I was taken to Swansea police station and put in another cell. I was then taken to a video room, where a wanker judge said that I was a “flight risk” and was putting me on remand.

I was then taken to Swansea prison. I had never set foot in a prison before, as I had always been law abiding; in fact, I never set foot in a police station until I was illegally arrested for the false accusations of sexual abuse by my daughter, paid for by my fucking father. Nice eh?

This post is taking far longer than I thought because of the number of times that I have had to go to the toilet, ALL BECAUSE MY FATHER SEXUALLY ABUSED ME AND BADLY DAMAGED ME (which Leverton refused to investigate). DO I NEED TO DRAW A FUCKING DIAGRAM?

I was on suicide watch the entire time that I was in prison, as I had shut down. When I started coming out of it, I heard word that the judge who had put me on remand was a mason and then the jigsaw started to make sense.

My father is a mason, so is my brother and all of my father’s compatriots, AS IS LEVERTON, so I had been completely stitched up by the fucking lot of them. My fucking daughter played a hand too as it was she who made the complaint with her slut of a mother.

So, I wrote to the governor many times and when it came for me to be on a video link in front of that judge, although he said “I dont care that you were abused, I dont care that you were falsely arrested on a false sexual abuse claim made by your daughter, I dint care that you had brain cancer as a child and nearly died, I dont even care that you were bribed by your father to leave the country, what about the victims??????”, he gave me a suspended sentence and that was only because I was exposing him as a mason; the fucking coward.

So, I was released from jail and got a taxi to my cousin, who refused to let me in; I only wanted my car keys for the car that she had dumped on the road for it to be vandalised. She even called the welsh police because she is one heap of hypocritical turd.

That ploy to get me to come over to her to help her was a complete stitch up. No one knew where I was and my father wanted me arrested and out in prison so she came up with the story that she had been very ill and needed my help only to get me “out in the open”. She even called him to tell him where I was. Even though she wanted me as her long time carer, she sent me messages in prison to say that she had taken her powerful dogs to the beach. When I was there, she could not even hold the less strong one. What a fucking miraculous recovery. SHE HAD STAGED THE WHOLE THING because even though she was supposed to have fallen through the ceiling, she did not have a bruise on her.

So, the police told the recovery company to take my car to the police compound even though they could have jump started it there and then and I would have been on my way but I was forced to stay in another Travelodge, with no medication and only the clothes that I had come out of prison in; they were totally blood stained because of my Prurigo Nodularis, something that I would not wish on my worst enemy.

I have sued my cousin for the cost of all that which runs to about £500 and although she never replied before the cut off date and I was in my rights to get a court decision, nothing has happened and the courts are just sitting on their overpaid hands.

Finally I got home after a non stop drive and a ferry.

After about a week or two, I started to think more clearly. If Leverton had not had me illegally arrested, absolutely none of this would have happened and I would not be in the crap mental state that I am in now.

So, I decided to sue him personally.

It was slated to take place in the Isle of Wight. I complained as they police were up the arses of the IOW judiciary. It was moved to Bristol; fine, I would have my day in court. Then, without any notice, it was moved to Southampton, which was in the influence of the corrupt chief constable Pinkney. I complained again. JUDGE GRANT then moved it back to Bristol WITHOUT ANY COMMENT AS TO THE QUALITY OF EVIDENCE, all of these decisions being made behind closed doors and without me present

Today, I received another notice. This said that the judge, JUDGE DAVIES, had decided to look at it all and had decided that my claim had “insufficient detail” and would strike it off if I did not do better.

So, there we have it. The corrupt judiciary, in league with Hampshire police, are at it again.

There are two other things.

Firstly, after my claim was lodged, Leverton was moved from the IOW police to Southampton police and secondly

Although the police are quite happy to give out body cam footage to whoever wants it, they refused to release the body cam footage of the two police officers, who illegally arrested me.


Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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