Boris Johnson

All of the Conservative MPs know that Johnson is a complete liar and has no moral compass whatsoever; that has been clearly shown by “party gate”.

But it is not just that he broke the rules, it is not even that he attended those parties but it is his sheer arrogance that he thinks that he is a “vote winner” and can get away with anything.

That is the key issue. Not only did he lock down the public but he could not care if he obeyed the rules that he himself set and just carried on regardless.

He has zero empathy for the people that he governs; all of the elderly and sick people who died on their own because of the rules, not that adults lost their livelihoods, not that adults and children suffered from mental health, not that children lost a major part of their education. After all, our children, family or not, are the country’s future.

I know what the backbenchers are thinking. They are weighing up the issue as to whether they will retain their seats against the media and public storm. If the backbenchers had any “cojanes” they would push for his resignation but all politicians, especially Conservatives are complete cowards.

The parties are done and dusted, it is an old story but what is the most important issue is that one must trust the current government, as they will dictate our lives and especially the Prime Minister.

I have never voted for Johnson and never will; a leopard never changes his spots. Indeed, I have never voted until before the election when Johnson got elected and I will never vote again, until he is out of office and he can take his wife, who leads Johnson by his todger and dictates government policy with him.

Between the two of them, even if one of them are unelected, they are destroying the country.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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