An attempt of trying to change my life

Submission by owner

I am 58, have been an epileptic since the age of 13, have crushed spinal vertebrae, requiring me to have private osteopathy every two weeks. As I cannot cope with stairs anymore, I wanted to build a bungalow on the paddock but the planning consultant, Andrew White, said that it was not possible.

I moved to the island, following my acrimonious divorce and needed sanctuary; hence the reason why I changed the name of my house from 4 Sandford Cottages to Sanctuary Cottage

I was falsely accused of sexual abuse by my daughter shortly after I moved to the island and, from then, my life has entered a downward spiral and I suffer badly from my mental health.

As a result of the abuse of the police investigations, my home was violated and became just a home, just like if I had been raped, which I was decades ago.

The sexual abuse allegations triggered memories that were deep seated in my sub conscious as to my own sexual abuse by my father, who actually paid my daughter to make the sexual allegations in the first place. My daughter and her mother used the money to go on a luxury holiday to Scotland.

As a result of this and trumped up charges of harassment, I was further arrested, even though that by then I was severely agoraphobic; I was dragged out of the house and was catatonic. I am currently suing the officer in charge for breach of PACE and my human rights.

It came to a point in late May last year that I wanted to kill myself. I advised the court accordingly as the trial was coming up in a few days and told them that was I was going into a psychiatric hospital. Whilst in hospital, the trial took place and I was found guilty in my absence. I was paying £6,500 a week, because the NHS could not provide the care that I needed because the waiting list was so long, even though over my career I have paid hundreds of thousands of pounds in tax.

I had no choice but to book myself into a Travelodge, which was no better than a drug den. I was there for over a month and my sheets were bloodied by my skin condition, which also happened in the hospital when my sheets had to be changed daily.

No one, except my GP and the court, knew which hospital I was in and my so called masonic corrupt family knew nothing.

I received a message from my cousin, who I loved dearly, saying that she needed my help. She said that she had a bad fall and needed me to care for her. So, within a day, I was on my way to Wales and, as soon as I arrived, I took on the role of long term carer.

Roughly three days after I arrived, she told my father where I was and within a day or two, there were police at my cousin’s door. I was arrested and put in prison because the masonic judge considered me a “flight risk”.

The whole so called fall and her so called injuries were fake. She depends on my father for cash and will do ANYTHING that he askes of her. It was a complete set up

Whilst in prison, I was on constant suicide watch. I was told that the judge was a mason and wrote numerous letters to the prison governor stating this and that I had been completely set up. The judge had always gone after me, calling me all sorts of names and even when I was sentenced he said “ I don’t care about the fact that you were sexually abused by your father, I don’t care that you were bribed by your father, I don’t care that you were falsely accused of sexual abuse by Verity, I don’t even care that you continue to be economically abused by the trust and your family; what about the victims???” but he gave me a suspended sentence; he was just protecting his masonic position, nothing more than that because he feared being exposed.

I spend 99% of my time in my house; I do not socialise or go out, all thanks to what has happened to me, everything since 2016.

I have very meagre funds and have asked both the family and the trust that I solely rely on for income for help, following my serious nervous breakdown that caused the collapse of my career. But they refuse; my corrupt family and corrupt trust, all masonic led, want me to remain imprisoned on the island. I cannot move so I need to completely change this awful house so that it becomes a home again. This is the only reason why I am doing all of this.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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