GB News – Breakfast – Get Eamon Holmes an alarm clock!

I had a bad night and woke up particularly early this morning, so I watched a repeat of Dan Wootton and Headliners. Still not tired to return to bed, I was forced to watch GB News Breakfast or whatever they call it now.

Despite ALL of the adverts saying that it is “with Eamon Holmes and Isabelle Webster from 6am”, Eamon Holmes is nowhere to be seen. So, he cannot get up early enough in the morning, as Simon McCoy could, leaving his fake tanned mol to carry the can for how long, I do not know; apparently he will “rock up” at 6.30, at which time I will turn off, like many other tens of thousands.

Clearly Eamon Holmes ego has no bounds, leaving other presenters to fill in for him until he can be bothered to turn up, whereas Simon McCoy invested in a London flat so that he could be at work for when he was supposed to be, at 6am on the dot, every morning, save for Fridays.

As far as I am concerned, this pushing out of Simon McCoy and inserting Eamon Holmes is a retrograde step. It is common sense that if you wish a channel to grow, you do not replace one key presenter with another but you add the “newbie” to the current key presenter line up so that the channel gains more gravitas, otherwise you are just treading water.

I did not miss the quips from the contributors on the Dan Wootton show where Eamon Holmes was nominated as a “great Briton” and, surprise, surprise, Dan booked the contributors up.

A great number of the presenters, news readers and journalists jumped ship to work for GB News because they believed in what they were told and put their careers on the line at the same time but the management of GB News inc Brazier could not care a fuck about that; they have ALL been used, such as Simon McCoy, who would have gladly worked at another time of day, provided he could do what he was best at.

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