The GB News Christmas schedule

Like many, I watch only GB News. The last 7 days has been like watching paint dry; extremely tedious. More repeats than I have ever seen before. I am literally bored out of my skull. I have even crossed the boredom threshold that prevents me from replacing this banality with a DVD.

There were good bits; the breakfast shows with Patrick and Alex were great fun and lifted the spirits; sadly, they were just a flash in the pan. But they are going to have to do much better.

Some of the main presenters came back but there were only on for 15 mins every hour with the rest of the hour filled with repeats.

And , of course, watching GB News on the internet, I am subjected to the grossly syrupy adverts with Eamon and Isabelle (they should get a room, it was that bad); quite frankly I just wanted me to vomit. It is no longer GB News, especially at Breakfast that is to come; it is just a poor clone of ITV or Sky. GB News has really lost its way and, for someone who has watched GB News from the very beginning, it is the start of the end for this new channel, of which so many people, fed up with the main media dross, had so much hope for.


Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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