Balsam Hill – In the interest of balance

In my previous post about Balsam Hill, I basically tore them apart. I sent that post to the gentleman from customer service, called Simeon and I received an email from him this morning.

Quite frankly, it was down to wording and misunderstanding. He may only receive a paper credit card statement once a month, but I look at my credit card balance most days on line.

Simeon kept to his word and the full refund was effected on the 29th December; it is currently pending full processing.

So, I hope that I have put it right but I have one more thing to say. Carry on buying your Balsam Hill trees. I have no issues whatsoever with Simeon or Balsam Hill.

I am considering buying a replacement, as I no longer have my daughter to help me chose a tree; a tradition that will never happen again.

Here is Simeon’s explanatory email

Re: My replacement transformer

Balsam Hill Customer Service <xxxxxxxxx>

Sat 01/01/2022 08:47

To: David Hender

Hi David,

Thank you for your reply.
I’m sorry for the confusion about your refund. I have seen the feedback you have posted which reflected this experience. I would like to clarify that the funds have already been immediately issued on the date I initially stated, 12/29/2021. The 30 days was only pertaining to your financial statement as usually they are sent monthly on a regular basis so you won’t see the entry of the said refund until after you receive your next financial statement. 

I hope this sheds some light on the confusion. Should there be anything else we can assist you with, please let me know.

Balsam Hill Customer Service

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