The scaremongering around Omicron

All this is about is a government ploy to boost Johnson’s flagging popularity.

First, they spread fear that is picked up by most of the media, sadly using hospitality and the travel industry as sacrificial lambs, because of the new restrictions.

Then, just before Christmas, Johnson will announce that Omicron is not nearly as bad as was feared and will state that there will be no lockdowns and Christmas will not be cancelled; he will be a Father Christmas, spreading great joy to everyone. As a result, his popularity will then go through the roof.

If you listened to some politicians, including especially Sturgeon, you could be forgiven to believe that as soon as you contracted the Omicron variant, you would drop dead.

I am considered to be very highly vulnerable by the NHS, thanks to my family, the police and many others and I have no concerns whatsoever about the Omicron variant. Just because it spreads more rapidly, empirical evidence suggests that the virus is much milder than the Delta variant and will, in time, supercede the Delta variant.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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