Cressida Dick is only still in post because she is a woman

I have written many times about this incompetent crime commissioner. She has cocked up so many times that it would take too long to list her mistakes.

Why is she not in the news? She is keeping her head down and is being told to do so. She apologised to the murder of that poor black boy’s mother and her mother quite correctly rejected her apology. But she is still in post.

Dick also has another “weapon” in her armoury, as she is a lesbian. Nothing wrong with that but, if she is sacked, she will use that as a reason for her sacking and, given the woke judiciary, she will actually win.

Appointments should be based on merit but, if that was the case, she would never have been appointed in the first place, because of her previous history. Of course, she has used the information that she gleaned when on “special duties” in 2015, to effectively hold Priti Patel and the government over a barrel.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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