The courts are in bed with big business (in my opinion)

DISTRICT JUDGE ANDREW GRAND IS ONE OF THEM. His decision speaks for itself.

This is the letter received from the Isle of Wight Court. It was dated 16th November but only received, today, on 20th November. Given that I have only 7 days to respond, there is no point. Of course, they do that on purpose so that you cannot appeal against the decision

Below is the exact submission that I made to the courts

I always have bagless deliveries as I despise plastic bags being used by supermarkets for on line deliveries and also the issue of so called “barrier bags” for such deliveries. Customers who go to supermarkets to shop never use such bags and they are never available. Bags are only available for loose items such as onions. 

On 13th October 2020, I received my first “bagged” delivery and when I questioned the delivery driver, he said that it was “because of Covid”. Given my distaste of plastic bags, I complained to head office when they said that the bags would be collected in time and could I store them for now. 

Given the poor service and lack of choice that Morrisons provided and the plastic bag issue, I have moved to Sainsbury’s. When the driver asked as to why I had changed, I said that it was because of the plastic bag issue. He said that not only did his company (Sainsbury’s) not charge for them but they were collected for free. He also said that the plastic bag issue was a complete nonsense as the pickers picked from the shelves but never worse gloves. The “because of Covid” excuse was a nonsense 

So, basically, the courts have deemed that the big companies can do whatever they want.

As to the court decision, for the court to state that there were “no reasonable grounds” is a complete nonsense. If they just compared Morrisons behaviour with what Sainsbury’s did, Morrisons have stolen at least £25 from me.

But, it goes further. If the court had ruled in my favour, Morrisons would not have only had to pay me but also every single customer that they charged, as I would have set a precedent and I would have made damn sure that as many people knew about it as possible.

That would have cost Morrisons millions

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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