In my mind, there is a simple way to determine as to whether those coming across the channel are genuine refugees.

If they throw away their papers, identifying themselves, they are not genuine and are mere economic migrants. But if they keep their papers, they will be genuine, certainly on the face of it.

To resolve the channel crossing crisis, there is a simple solution but the government will need to have “balls”. If they are considered genuine, then they go through the normal process but if they are not, the government can apply the Dublin Protocol and take those who they find and are not genuine refugees back to a ferry.

They do not pass go, they are not put in a camp but are taken straight back to a ferry and returned to France. They are photographed and, if they come back across the channel again, they are imprisoned and after their sentence, returned to France.

It may take 6 months for the migrants to get the idea that they are not welcome in the UK but it will be worth it.

Although a very tiny minority, there is a second benefit too. All those who throw away their identities are unknown to any security force and thus Border Force will have no idea as to whether they are a threat to the UK population.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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