24 times or so

That is the number of times that my circuit breakers in my house have gone since midday yesterday. There is no machinery running, everything is turned off and no one is working in the workshop stables.

I think that I know what has been going on, as it has stopped now but to understand, you have to have an open mind, a very open one.

As readers will know, I am very spiritual and have made specific instructions as to the disposal of my body, when I die, in accordance with the Hindu faith. Closed coffin and no junk pumped into me to make me look nice as well as no post mortem. These instructions are in my will and are lodged with my GP.

There is a popular saying; when someone is deeply hurt or upset, they will take it out on the people who they love the most.

Now, I do not know what has happened. It could have been to Liesel’s living family or even Verity, to whom Liesel was a mother.

But something bad has happened and Liesel has taken it out on me and it really stressed me out to the extent that, in anger, I threw Liesel’s two pictures across the room and smashed them. Thankfully though, the pictures are still okay and I have ordered new matching frames for them.

It is not just the circuit breakers either; my door bell has gone off, from time to time, even when there is no one there. My friend, Stuart, who is helping me renovate my buggy, Gabriella, has commented a number of times, as there is a door bell in the workshop, but I have just brushed it aside and said that “it does that now and again, it is faulty”.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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