I was sat down by my father…..

….. and he gave me a bombshell. He said that he had Alzheimer’s and as my beloved mother had suffered from that illness, I was very distraught.

Yes, he is 91 and I was told by my cousin that my father was “very bad” and has “nothing of him left”.

I have known for a long time that my cousin is a liar and has stitched me up so many times, even though I have bailed her out to the tune of tens of thousands over the years.

But I did not even imagine that she would go that low and say that my father was “very ill” with advanced Alzheimer’s.

I now believe that my father had already planned what he was going to do to me and so put the fact that he had Alzheimer’s “in the mix” to protect himself from any future legal action. He is a clever and sneaky bastard and he nearly got away with it but he slipped up, as he took from his front door, a parcel from me that contained a whole smoked salmon, as I knew that he loved it. I believed that the nurses who were looking after him would prepare it for him.

I even wrote a message and this is what it was:

“Dear Dad,
I know you are unwell but maybe this will make you feel better. Your seafood dinners were your speciality
With lots of love

But I now know that he is not unwell and probably does not even have Alzheimer’s. By virtue of the fact that his own wife suffered from that horrendous disease, he used that very disease to enable him to be insulated from any legal action that I wished to take. I cannot even put into words how disgusted that I am with my corrupt, masonic father.

Regardless of what he has done to me, he was still my Dad and I was worried for his wellbeing.

I am beside myself and so angry that my cousin, LORI CAMERON, lied to me.

The proof of his wellness is in my last post


Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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