You may not have heard of them but they are a metal supplier; they were in fact the first supplier that went on line.

I have used them for years for different projects and first found them on Ebay.

I have always had a great service and very quick delivery, normally yhe next day.

But I have order some metal sheet and tubing to fix my buggy. I ordered it yesterday, quite early and was completed within an hour.

But it has not been shipped, even though they have my money. What Metals4u are doing is the same that most companies are now doing, The “because of Covid” was a great excuse to make more money by delaying shipment or delivery.

Metals4u, due to greed, have fallen into that same trap.

Due to their atrocious service, I will now go elsewhere, which is a shame as I always like staying loyal to one supplier

They are now threatening to cancel my order because they will not “have bad press” but that is my opinion and I stand by it.

There is a small car parts provider that I have used for a long time. If they can manage to get an order to me costing roughly £5 the following day, so can Metals4u that is substantially bigger and has a far more highly tuned logistics operation.

Metals4u charged me £19.50 for delivery. That is pretty hefty considering the order value. I expected a better service than this. Their standard charge is £6 but if it is over 20kg, they charge £19.50 regardless.

I ordered a Warrior winch which is of the same weight; carriage was free as I would expect

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