The 5 police officers under investigation

I am quite sure that there are a number of officers who “felt” like that murder Couzens and 5 of them have been singled out.

It is said that they are under investigation but, as is the Met Police’s policy, it will be considered that they have not done anything really wrong, they will be let off and it will all be brushed under the carpet.

Given all of the muck ups that the police have committed, there is now a bloody great bump in the carpet, which contains all of the rife corruption and dodgy dealing that all of the police forces have committed and Cressida Dick is not taking responsibility for any of it.

Have you noticed how “under the radar” she has been lately?

She should go. She is not honourable, she is corrupt, just like all of the high level police officers and she certainly is not the most experienced police officers.


Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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