A message to Rosanna, my last ex wife

Re: Kugar said you wanted to correspond

DH David Hender Sat 16/10/2021 12:11


  •  Rosanna Martin-Rae

Dear Rosanna,
What is done is done between the two of us.
I am not sure how good your memory is but, before we even tied the knot, you asked to speak to my father, knowing that I had no capital after caring for Liesel.
That meeting was held in the kitchen of Long Barn, with you and my father at each end of the kitchen table; I was in the kitchen clearing up and was there throughout the entire conversation.
You asked my father as to what would happen to you and your children if we got divorced; a somewhat strange question to ask but I suppose a practical one.
My father said that in such a situation, the “family” would purchase you a house. By the word “family”, I mean my father himself as well as the trust. Both you and I had forgotten this meeting given the stress that we were both under but my father has a memory of an elephant and purposefully did not mention it; as a result, I took the full hit; in total, I had to borrow £1.4m with a very high rate of interest being applied. I nearly went bankrupt
I am sure that Kugar has told you that my entire family has turned on me; indeed, it started not long after I came to the island, when he paid Verity to make false accusations of sexual abuse and actual bodily harm against me. The so called “evidence” of the ABH were the scars from the self harming, which you were the only one to identify. But there has been much more with my father’s attempted bribery for me to leave the country, false harassment accusations and financial abuse, which significantly reduces my income, all at the behest of my father, (who now has advanced Alzheimer’s), my brother and so called “family associates”, all of whom are masons.
That sets the scene but if you are willing to agree, a law suit could be made against my father and/or his estate and/or the trust for breach of promise and breach of a verbal contract, which your agreement with my father was, with me as a witness.
If the judge had been aware of the verbal contract between you and my father, she would have set out that it was my father or the trust, who should have purchased a house for you and it would have been far more substantial than the £180,000 that you were awarded; given my father’s wealth and the wealth of the trust, I would suggest that you would have received at least 1/2 million; the fact that we were married for only a year is irrelevant although that was why I was instructed to pay the amount that I did, by the judge.
I have tried to get hold of you a few times and since our divorce, I have run a blog and I wrote about the breach of promise and breach of verbal contract. It attracted a great deal of interest from the family and family law firm but relied on the acrimony between us for it to not succeed.
The main reason that I started the blog was to get back at my family and daughter but also to do with using the blog as my pressure valve, as my mental health is in complete pieces; I am a much lesser man than when you knew me; I am sure that there is now a wry smile on your face.
It is totally up to you Rosanna. If you do not want to consider it, there will again be silence between us; there is no point otherwise as you have your life and I am literally stuck on the Isle of Wight with no family whatsoever, I call it my prison without bars, all because of the efforts of my family for the trust to refuse to render any assistance to me. They even have bought Verity a house even though she is not a beneficiary.
There is a little more. Given what I found out from my cousin, before she betrayed me, my father had paid my brother £1.25M and he called it “advanced inheritance”. You know that I think laterally and, when calm, have a good memory. I joined the dots and finally worked out that my father had abused one or both of my nieces, as he had to stay in a B&B, even when visiting my brother. I even emailed Ali, expressing my concerns but she did not even reply. I wrote to her again recently about the same issue and she now has asked me to not contact her at all; fine by me but it is now clear that the £1.25m was a pay off to hush my brother for reporting the sexual abuse; how disgusting is that? I reported it to the police but they ignored it, as they did with my own sexual abuse by my father that was buried for decades but started to resurface when my daughter accused me of sexual abuse.
Subconsciously, that was why I drank and smoked so much.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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