The Isle of Wight council does not really recycle; they burn most of it

I have it on very good authority that a great deal of the recycling that we put in our green bins, is not recycled at all.

At the Lynnbottom Household Waste Recycling Centre that is just outside of Newport, there is a huge burn pit, which is sited away from where residents take their waste. Of course, “BECAUSE OF COVID” , you now have to make an appointment to go there; how stupid is that. That ensures that most residents are put off and either fly tip or rent a very expensive skip.

It just shows how corrupt the council and its subcontractors really are. We pay, in our council tax, for our recycled waste to be processed properly and not to be dumped in a pit and burned.

The Isle of Wight council take corruption to a new level, because there is no one to check on them, because the island is forgotten by everyone.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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