Examples of how bad my mental health is

About half an hour ago, I wrote to the chief constable of Hampshire that covers the Isle of Wight, asking for sirens not to sound past my house. This is the email


This message was sent with High importance.

Fri 15/10/2021 13:32


  •  Olivia Pinkney (Chief Constable – Hampshire Constabulary)

Dear Ms Pinkney,
My poor mental health is well documented and was caused by the abuse that I suffered at the hands of your officers. As a result, every time that I hear a siren, I go into panic mode and my level of anxiety rockets. I know that the cars do not use their “twos” whilst in Godshill but, as soon as they come down the hill into xxxxxxx, it is a case of full “blues and twos”.
Given that the xxxxxxxx Road is the main thoroughfare from Newport to the South of the Island, the level of anxiety that I suffer is continuous.
I have even had to move to the back bedroom, which is far smaller, in order to mitigate the effect on my mental health.
Given the gross abuse that I have suffered at the hands of your officers, I would ask you to pass an edict insofar that the sirens only come on when the cars leave xxxxxxx.
It is not only the police who do this, as ambulances and occasionally the fire service do it as well. I would ask you to kindly liaise with the heads of those organisations to significantly reduce their use of the “twos”, as I have set out and requested.
I should remind you that xxxxxxxx is a residential area and I may have to resort to legal action against you, the ambulance and fire services if immediate changes are not made. My mental health is so very fragile and if it worsens, I will not have any choice but to act.

On top of that, I was watching GB News when the report of Sir David Amess, a Conservative MP, being stabbed many times.

That has completely thrown me. I was due to deliver on my trailer to my best friend, some pallets that I had collected for firewood but I have got too much and I need to clear them.

This had been planned for two weeks and I had to call him to cancel tomorrow and to apologise. I don’t think that Nick quite understood, as if you have not suffered from mental illness, you cannot really understand.

I just said to him that “I want to be alone”

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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