Sturgeon is a hypocrite and has lost it!

We all know that COP26 is taking place in Glasgow. But, we now hear that Sturgeon is letting off 30,000 delegates (let me repeat that THIRTY THOUSAND DELEGATES) from the law that forces nightclubs and other venues, with large numbers of people, to have a vaccine passport or whatever the SNP call it. How completely ludicrous and it just shows how inconsistent Sturgeon is being.

Not only that but she is asking residents to take in delegates, who may or may not have been vaccinated. We all know that the vaccine does not stop the transfer of the virus or even you getting ill, but not so ill that you are hospitalised.

Those families who do take in delegates will have to be very careful for their children who have not been vaccinated.

But what Sturgeon’s new cock up will achieve is that after a couple of weeks, the number of people with Covid will rise massively.

And why did Sturgeon not consider where these delegates are going to stay? Sleepy Joe will be sensible if he stays on Airforce One and then travel to and fro from the conference.

Sturgeon is literally obsessed with independence and has left everything else go to pot. She should be pushed out of office.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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