A letter from Hampshire Police and my response

Clearly I have to be telepathic

And my response

Lori Cameron – 44210404239

This message was sent with High importance.

You forwarded this message on Thu 14/10/2021 12:43

DH David Hender Thu 14/10/2021 12:3


  •  Olivia Pinkney (Chief Constable – Hampshire Constabulary);
  •  Welsh Police;
  •  Hastings Direct

Dear Ms Pinkney,
I have received a letter from PC Philip Warwick 21768 referring to a complaint from the above. As you do not have an email address on your website, although one is happy to “tweet” or leave a message on Facebook; I use neither. Conveniently, the letter does not show an email address, although you do all have email addresses.
As an agoraphobic due to the abuse that I have suffered from the police, I will not use the phone and certainly will not call the police, because all the police are interested in doing, is painting their vehicles with rainbow colours and not to protect victims.
I wish to state that, yes, I am suing Lori Cameron for inciting damage to my car and the last message that I received from her was that she apologised to me for calling the police when I tried to retrieve my car keys; all she had to do was to stick them through the letter box or even answer the door.
Although I issued a formal complaint to Powys police, no action was taken against her for moving my car onto the Queen’s highway, without my permission. She also broke road traffic laws as she had no insurance to drive the vehicle, as I must give my permission to do so. She also breached data protection rules by contacting my insurance company and stating that my car was being moved to the roadHastings Insurance was also grossly at fault for taking her instructions and breached the data protection laws
I will be issuing a law suit against Hastings Insurance for gross breach of the Data Protection Act in releasing personal information to her without my permission. 
I complained to Powys police but, being so inept and female gender biased, decided to not arrest or prosecute her, just because she was a woman. If I had been a man, they would have “thrown the book at me”. Maybe, I should transition to a transsexual to stop these continued malicious accusations.
I have only sent her a notification of the law suit and have not harassed her in any way. Furthermore, she has never asked me to desist from contacting her, EVER.
As she has asked me to not communicate with her, via you, I will not do so. In any event, my cousin is dead to me, as is the rest of my corrupt family, as well as the entire police force being corrupt in my opinion.
All further correspondence will be by email as, under PACE, you must take into account my severe mental health issues.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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