My name is Black Bear – where is my owner?

I have asked David to write this for me as I do not have fingers and thumbs, just big black paws.

I have only come out into the sunlight today after being hidden away for years in a dark box but David was searching for Liesel’s stereo and found me; what joy. He stopped looking and brought me into his house, cleaned me up a little and reintroduced me to my old friends, who I have missed so much. I have now been reunited with my owner’s other teddies but I was always my owner’s favourite.

But I am still sad as I miss my owner; I have been with her since she was a baby but when she grew up, she just forgot about me and my friends and threw us away.

Because David was so angry, he was going to throw away all of my owner’s things, including me but though he is still angry, he could not bring himself to throw my owner’s things away, as they remind him of the good times of being a real family with Liesel and my owner and the love he and Liesel had for his daughter; it is so sad.

David is not well. Not only is his skin deformed all over this body but he is sleeping a lot during the day now; I think he has given up on life and is going for an urgent blood test soon but because he has to wait until the 4th November, he is going to have to go privately again. The NHS that he has paid a fortune towards are just not looking after him and that is why I think he has just given up on everything.

He tells me that he does have good days but a lot of bad days as it takes very little to drive him into deep depression again. Even just a siren on an ambulance or police car passing the house sends him into a panic.

He does not even call his cottage a home as that was ruined by my owner 5 1/2 years ago. He has wanted to leave the island so much but he is being treated unfairly and no one, not even his brother, will help him. He is a greedy and self centred man; he is horrible.

So David is likely to die unhappy in this house soon but at least he will be with Liesel again and away from his selfish family, which sadly includes my owner. All he wants is peace and he will hopefully get it soon.

I cannot be left on my own and need to be looked after; I want to find my owner, even though she forgot about me but David didn’t. This is a picture of me and if someone remembers me, please contact David very soon before it is too late, otherwise I will be thrown in a skip along with my owner’s other things. when David goes to Liesel.

Digital Camera

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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