Boris Johnson – why he will not frack

It is mainly down to two words; CARRIE JOHNSON

She is, after all, a conservationist and has a very heavy influence over Boris Johnson; she wears the trousers in that relationship.

But there is a much more worrying concern; if the prime minister is being so heavily influenced by his wife, who is massively against fracking, the prime minister is more interested in pleasing his wife, rather than doing what is right for the country.

The trouble is that although he should go, there is no real alternative. Richi Sunak would have been a good choice if his character was not as interesting as an empty baked bean tin.

The issue is that there is no sense of urgency in the government because the opposition is so lack lustre. So, nothing will get done, especially as the government has such a large majority.

Whatever the situation, you always have a mix. You just would not rely on a single product to sell or have all of your investments in a single company; putting all of your eggs in one basket comes to mind and we have done that with wind power.

The government’s levelling up agenda is just “smoke and mirrors”. The PM could give the green light to fracking tomorrow. He could give the green light to the construction of gasometers tomorrow and he could give the green light to the commencement of production of small modular nuclear reactors tomorrow too. Just think how many jobs that would create in the North; hundreds of thousands of skilled jobs. Now that is what levelling up really is.

Of course, when the fracking debate was going on years ago, Putin stepped in and funnelled millions to support the environmental groups and it was anti fracking that was all you heard in the media. He did that because when fracking took off, the UK and Europe would have become much less reliant on Russian gas and Putin wanted to use the supply of gas as geopolitical leverage and he succeeded, as there is now a moratorium on fracking. Job done.

If Johnson wants the UK to really benefit from Brexit, it has to become self sufficient in energy.

It is nonsensical of the UK to just import all of our energy and products, meaning that the UK’s CO2 emissions plummet but then to create massive CO2 emissions everywhere else in the world, where our imported goods and energy supplies are produced. Voters will start to realise more and more that this philosophy is stupid and will vote for a government that actually wants to rebuild our industrial prowess and to create hundreds of thousands of jobs throughout the UK but certainly NOT the current government.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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