I am not a vegan; I like meat, chicken, fish and shellfish. But I ensure that I buy free range food so that the animals have as good a life as possible, even if it is dreadfully expensive. That is MY moral stance.

I appreciate the vegans stance, as they do not believe in killing animals. I can also understand them not wanting to wear leather, as it comes from cows’ hides.

However, what I do not understand is that they do not use dairy or wear wool. Cows have been bred for milk for hundreds of years and if they are not milked, they will die, as their systems will become “backed up”. They must be milked by the farmers on a regular basis.

And I do not understand the vegans who will not wear wool. Sheep have been bred for “growing wool” for even longer and they do not go to the abattoir. If they are not sheared, they will become unable to function and that surely is contrary to the vegan philosophy.

So, if they do not use dairy or wear wool, what do they do instead? They will eat nuts and soy that requires massive amounts of fertiliser and if they do not wear wool, they are wearing synthetics, which are mostly oil based and when they come to the end of their useful lives, have to be recycled at great cost.

If vegans do not use dairy, the cows will die; if they do not wear wool, the sheep will die. In my mind, vegans are very selective as to how it affects the flora and fauna. Even with plant based diets, how the hell do the plants grow? Massive amounts of fertiliser has to be used and to harvest the crops, huge machines that use loads of fuel and emit carbon dioxide, particulates and carbon monoxide are emitted.

I am afraid that vegans do not take it “in the round” and do not consider the whole process of producing their vegan food, whereas for dairy, sheep and pigs, they either just eat grass or, in the case of pigs, recycled food.

Veganism is trendy at the moment but they conveniently do not consider the whole effect on the planet and the animals

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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