Boris Johnson – Do as I say, not what I do

We all know that the PM is full of s##t. Yes, his speech at the conference was funny, witty and well crafted, purely to make the speech of Starmer dull and boring but it had absolutely no depth whatsoever.

I have been digging into the history of his wife, as it is she who is leading him by his todger. She is an obsessive conservationist and because of her oppressive influence over Johnson, he is taking our country down a very dark road. Johnson’s obsession with wind energy is just nonsensical as you must have a mix. Compare with investments, when you have a mix of low risk, medium risk and high risk. Wind energy is high risk because the energy production solely depends on whether the wind blows and it does not blow all of the time. Even if it blowed “full wack”, we have no means of storing the energy, so going back to basics, that is plain stupid.

If the government had thought outside the box, they would have contracted Rolls Royce to build SMRs. If the government had put as much effort and money into SMRs as they have for wind energy, we would not have a energy crisis.

And of course, there are electric cars. We are told that we must all have electric cars but the PM does not even have one. He is driven in a 5 litre supercharged Jaguar. I remind everyone that Jaguar make electric vehicles.

So, just like every politician, the PM is exhibiting crass hypocrisy and should be exposed for what he does but orders the public to do something else, all down to Carrie Johnson.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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