The effect of the dreadful murder of Sarah Everard – My concern

The horrendous murder of Sarah Everard goes “beyond the pale”. I have said it before and I will say it again that if anyone “touched” my little girl in an inappropriate way, or worse, I would tear the toe rag limb from limb; the fact that I do not see me daughter anymore is completely academic. She is still my little girl and always will be. I would not care what the authorities did to me.

But I have a concern. With the death of Sarah, changes are being made and rightly so but it is also a political football and everyone has got on the “bandwagon” and are ushering platitudes, just to get votes from the public. There was Priti Patel saying that she is going to do this and that but she will do very little, if anything. Of course it is the Conservative conference and politicians have to be seen to be “on the pulse” with the public.

But what concerns me is that men will now be demonised even further and that the police will not think twice and break into houses and drag any man away; I have been on the end of their man hate and it has broken me. They will not care that they have breached PACE to protect suspects, consider the suspects mental health or any legal rule whatsoever.

Cozens is a monster and should be put to death but he has done mankind a massive disservice.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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