The IOPC investigation over Couzens will be a cover up and a white wash

All the police ever want to do is to cover up with there has been a cock up; the murder of Sarah Everard is a classic example.

They say that they will launch an IOPC investigation. I am sorry to say that it will come to nothing. The IOPC is not there to answer complaints from the public but is there to protect the police.

I complained to the IOPC over all of my horrendous treatment by the police and what did they do? They sent it back to Hampshire Constabulary to be “independently reviewed”. Guess what the result was? It was thrown out. So the police acted as judge and jury.

So do not expect anything from the IOPC. Their main task is to protect Cressida Dick. After all, in their mind, Sarah is dead, Couzens has got real life imprisonment so job done. Now it is time to cover up any cock ups

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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