Now there is proof. The IOW courts could not care a “f” about people’s mental health

I have had an ongoing case for two years with Island Roads over my boundary. I have said throughout “come out and see” but they refuse and have just sent letter after letter, causing me severe mental health. It is harassment, no more and no less.

Here is the letter from the courts striking it out and beneath, my response. I will never let the corrupt court and council get away with it. They do not care how many solicitors or letters they send out. After all, you and me, the council payer, are paying for it.

It would have been cheaper “in the round” for the council to accept that it was their responsibility and do the work that they legally should do and are paid for, through the council tax.

Re: H7QZ49Y9 – David Hender (Plaintiff) V Island Roads

01/10/2021 11:12


  •  CCBC AQ;
  •  Colin Brazier (GB News);
  •  Island Roads
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 Dear whoever, (as I have no respect for any council employee, the council itself or indeed the court as, in my opinion, they are all corrupt to the core)
I have received a notice that my claim has been struck out. This comes as no surprise, as in my opinion, the courts are “in bed” with the council and the sub contractors.
Yes, it was a dispute but the council did not get off their lazy backsides and come and review the property and my boundary. I had asked them over ATWO YEAR PERIOD​but they were so bone idle that no one came out.
They continued to send me letter after letter, doing bugger all else and this harassment has severely injured my mental health.
To categorise it as a mere dispute is shameful and shows that the courts have never acknowledged that a council payer is suffering with serious mental health problems. Contact my GP, Dr Hill and he will tell you the same.
In any other circumstances, this would have been classified as harassment and the person from Island Roads, who wrote the letter would have been arrested by the police
This is certainly not the end of it; I will not be bullied or cajoled into doing something that I have already paid for in my very inflated council tax.

David Hender

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