HVO Diesel fuel (updated)

I had not heard of this fuel until 5 mins ago; I saw it on Nigel Farage.

I am prepared to pay the extra cost, even though I do few miles but the government should also help. If you use HVO Diesel, then your tax disc that is based on CO2 output, should be reduced for owners of diesel cars, such as mine to carry on using it. Proof can be provided by an invoice for the fuel or even dipping the tank and testing it.

I have put in a quote for between 500 and 999 litres with Crown Oil. I can safely store it.


I had a call from Crown Oil this morning, which was great service. As I have only one diesel car, I asked what the minimum quantity was; they said that it was a 1,000 litres. I could have coped with that to cut my emissions on my truck, even if I use it rarely.

But then I mentioned those words “THE ISLE OF WIGHT”. He took a deep breath and said that there was no way that they could do that, as the ferry charges would be so high and it would not make commercial sense. He said that he was sorry.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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