“We live in a misogynist society”

I really despair. This was the statement made by Valerie Wise of Victim Support on the Liam Halligan and Gloria De Piero show, in reaction to the murder and now sentencing of that monster who took Sarah Everard’s life.

We DO NOT live in a misogynist society in the UK. Some men are misogynists, some women are misandrists but we do not live in a society where everyone is one or the other, regardless of what Wise says.

It is sadly a case that Sarah Everard’s murder is now being hijacked by the media, feminists and “women support groups”. The little good that was done by Michelle Dewbury and Alex Phillips on the serious issues of men, their mental health and the huge number of suicides, has all been wiped away in one fowl swoop.

I was sexually abused by my own father but no one cared, not even the police and Wise says that we live in a misogynist society. What utter bollocks. If it WAS the case, then my sexual abuse would have been taken seriously and society, as a whole, would not be female gender biased. It is tragic about Sarah Everard but everyone has got onto the bandwagon, just to get higher viewing figures. I have come to the conclusion that the media could not care a fuck and the presenters have no moral compass at all.

I am sure that all news channels are broadcasting this more or less constantly but when a young lad gets knifed and dies, it is just a mere mention.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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