The body cam footage of the police

GB News has just aired the full body cam footage of the initial interview of Couzens at his home.

The police were desperate to find Sarah at that time, as were everyone, including me.

Yes, Couzens is inhumane and not worthy of the title “human being” or even “man” but despite how tragic her death was, can I put aside for one moment the tragedy of Sarah Everard.

When I was arrested, the police forced their way into my house and dragged me out of the kitchen, despite me pleading with them that I was agoraphobic. As a result of their actions, I went catatonic.

After I returned to my house, I started to gather evidence as to my illegal arrest. I demanded the body cam footage of the two officers.

They first said that the footage did not exist and then said it did and I could apply for it. I went through multiple hoops and they still refused to release the information. If the footage had been released to me, my solicitor would have shown a copy to the courts and, regardless of the so called evidence that they had, the court would have been forced to throw it out.

Yes, I know that Sarah died tragically and I am alive, if not just existing, with a completely broken mental health, Sarah and I have been treated differently by the police. If the tables had been turned, they would have released the footage of “my” false arrest.

Despite the fine words that Alex Phillips talked about yesterday, GB News has reverted to what they were before. But it is a massive and horrible story and to ignore it, would be foolhardy but I hope that Michelle and Alex’s debates about men issues were not just a “flash in the pan”

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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