Jeremy Bamber

Those youngish readers around 30 will not know who Jeremy is. He was accused of murdering his mother, father, mentally ill sister and her two children.

He was found guilty of murdering all of them because Kent police stitched him up by using falsified evidence, some of which was provided by the “the extended family” who benefitted from him being incarcerated. He has been in a maximum security prison for most of his adult life; he is now 60 and I am in regular contact with him. I remember the case when I was young and I am honoured to call him my friend and have sent small amounts of money to make his life more comfortable and to help him with his defence.

The police knew that he was innocent and hid evidence from the defence, using the public interest immunity act. Part of this evidence included a suicide note from his mentally unstable sister.

There have been many court cases and, as far as I can ascertain, a judge has thrown out all of the prosecution evidence and bit by bit, the evidence that has been hidden from everyone, especially his defence team, has now come out.

So why is he still in prison? The simple answer is money, as Jeremy is due a massive amount of compensation for false arrest, false imprisonment, the hiding of evidence that would have proven his innocence, the discovery that evidence was provided by the very people who now live in the Bamber’s estate and benefitted from all of it.

If you Google him, it still says that he is a mass murderer and ITV even aired a programme last year, showing how guilty he was, financed by the police and the government to be sure.

I will never forget Jeremy and I will not rest until he is released.

All of the media have forgotten about Jeremy and it will only be if there is media pressure to release Jeremy that the police and government will be forced to release him.

This is a huge story of a grave injustice. It amazes me how positive Jeremy continues to be. I was suicidal after just one month on remand.

If the media continue to close their eyes to this injustice, he will die in prison as he has been given a whole life term, even though it has been proved without a doubt that he is innocent of all of the murders

If there had been the death penalty, he would have been murdered and all of the police corruption and lies would have just disappeared into history.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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