A message to Colin Brazier of GB News – a test

Jeremy Bamber

Thu 30/09/2021 10:36


  •  Colin Brazier (GB News)

Dear Colin,
I have written a detailed post about the injustice of the continued imprisonment of Jeremy Bamber. We both know that the police are rife with masons, as I found out to my cost.
If you air an hour long programme, dedicated to Jeremy Bamber, that will prove to me that you are unequivocally not a mason. If, however, you do not air such a programme, I am afraid that although I respect you as a journalist, I cannot respect you as a human being and it will prove to me that my original assertion was correct and I will publish a post to that effect.
This is not a bribe but is a test of your humanity.
Kind regards

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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