The current “crisis”

Of course, the fuel shortage has been caused by panic buying “fuelled” by the media and newspapers; anything for a dramatic front page, without thinking of the consequences.

But, apparently, the tanker driver compliment is fully staffed and it is only because of the prats who have panic bought fuel, in jerry cans, water bottles and plastic bags that this crisis has been caused.

However, the GENERAL HGV shortage has been caused by one organisation and one only; the DVLA, who are on strike and, quite frankly, are lazy buggers, who do not care a damn.

I even received a letter to say that my V5 for my buggy will be “coming soon”. What the hell was the point of that letter and how many holding letters are they sending out, wasting forests of trees.

But it amazes me that the media does not concentrate on the DVLA and blame them for the shortages in the shops. Drivers cannot get the licences renewed and cannot get medicals. Apparently, there is a 40,000 backlog, due to the strike.

If that was cleared, there would be no shortage of HGV drivers so I am telling the media to pull their fingers out and to blame the DVLA and not anyone else. The government should treat the DVLA as a crucial service and they should not be allowed to strike.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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