The great reform – Business rates

There is a great unevenness in the way that business rates are levied and it will help with the levelling up agenda throughout the whole country, not just the “North and South”; what about the South West?

Here is a thought; rather than use a blanket rate but use the size of the business instead? As a principle, why not use the average profit or turnover of a business for the last three years? In that way, you can match a tax liability, which can seriously hurt a business, to what a business can afford.

It may be slightly harder to administer but it will be far more fairer. After all, the councils and government have access to the tax returns and audited accounts of every company that operates in this country.

We cannot have a blanket charge; that is disproportionately unfair on small businesses.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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