The debacle on Colin Brazier

I could sleep so I ended up watching a repeat of Colin Brazier. I respect him as a journalist but what a flim flam programme being incredibly weak on content. To give an example there was supposed to be an interview with Chris Parry at 5.45am, regarding the new T31 destroyer; I was looking forward to it.

But what a disaster. There were 3 attempts at the interview but it didn’t happen. It is not bloody rocket science.

I am no production engineer but this is what they should do

  1. 5 mins before make contact with interviewee

2. 3 mins before check on sound and connection

3. 1 min before recheck sound and vision

4. 30 seconds before reckeck again

Then flick the switch to go live

GB News have been running for long enough now. I see it as a lack of direction and supervision.

The blame sits fairly and squarely on the shoulders of Colin Brazier; after all he is in charge now and he is responsible for all of the cock ups at GB News.

I wanted him to replace Andrew Neil, as GB News was losing its way but he really must do better. He is certainly not punchy; he is a story teller, voicing his opinion and, of course, his family gets mentioned at least twice a week.

The punchy presenters are Simon McCoy, Tom Harwood (young but getting better every day), Neil Oliver, Michelle Dewbury, Patrick Christys, Nana Akua, Alex Phillips and Dan Wootton.

You would have thought that Colin Brazier would be in that list but he is sadly not but, if he did hard headed interviews with politicians and the like (as he should do), he would be. If Andrew Neil had been around, he would certainly be on the list. At the present time, Colin Brazier is not an Andrew Neil; I really hope that changes.

In emails, I have suggested it so many times but he has just ignored me. I hope that he is up to it.

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