My final words on my appeal

I had some thoughts a day or two ago and wrote to my solicitor. I raised serious issues about my arrest and the obtaining of evidence.

He said that we were not like the US, which basically means that the UK police or thugs, as I call them, can basically do what they want. As an example, the main trick that they use is the one that they used on me.

“Come in for a voluntary interview”, they would ask and if refused, they will arrest you anyway. So, whatever you do, do not go in for a voluntary interview and call your solicitor immediately, as soon as you refuse. Do not think that because it is “voluntary”, they will not try and set you up; they will, as they did me.

All of that does not sound very fair, does it? But it shows that on that matter, the US law system is superior to our own.

Anyway, I have instructed him to withdraw the appeal but he said that it was good that I was thinking it through.

But one bit of good news though; he said that I had a good civil case for breach of copyright against that bastard, Staff Officer Leverton, a very good case indeed.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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